Landscapes of the Heart now available

by Gregg Tyler Milligan

New Book Release

"Landscapes of the Heart: A Survivor's Guide" - the latest book from international author and abuse prevention advocate Gregg Tyler Milligan is now available. Press Release

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Beyond Borders to End Abuse

U.S. author, Gregg Tyler Milligan shares his experience and opens up dialogue during a collaborative workshop in Bangkok, Thailand

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"We as ‘humanity’ have the innate ability to do anything we set our hearts and minds to . . . We are so much better than we give ourselves credit for being."

Landscapes of the Heart is a survivor’s guide like no other; Milligan speaks from a lifetime of experience.

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About the Author

Gregg Milligan is an award-winning, internationally renowned author and human rights advocate.

Milligan’s focus is clear – help people understand that he shares not his story, but all of our stories together.

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“My love, my readers, my hope is incarnate within each and every one of you who made these books possible.”

“In the spirit of giving back, if I can give others anything -- let that be hope.”

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Delivering the Message on Oprah

"I have come to know why we are here … we are here to save one another. And ... I will do just that, because –a promise is a promise."

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Ricki Lake Show

Gregg Milligan Interviewed by talk show host, Ricki Lake "The secret of the Universe is there are no secrets." - Gregg Milligan

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FOX News Interview - Speaking Out about Domestic Violence

"Let's do all we can . . . to give individuals a fighting chance to get better, to be functional individuals, and to have a happy and healthy life."

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Readers Around the World

This new section is dedicated to any and all readers who have been a wonderful part of mine and [our] journey together toward a more beautiful world. If you would like to have your picture added, please email me a photo with any of my books; A Beautiful World, God Must Be Sleeping or Landscapes of the Heart – and I will be sure to get your photo uploaded. Thank you again for all you do for me and forever showing me that I did not and cannot make it without you. All my love, Gregg (Tyler).

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